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We will make you feel as close to home as possible

We focus on the small details in order to ensure a healing experience.

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Service is our reason for being

The International Department was born in 2016 aligned to an ambitious promise of value "make you feel as close to home as possible". For over 6 years we have received more than 2800 international patients with a satisfaction rate of 95% which will guarantee that your experience with us will be unforgettable.

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International team

Head of the international department:

I am constanly looking for new alliances with international insurers guaranteeing that more international patients have the possibility of accessing high level medical care aligned with the highest standards of quality and service.

International General Practitioner:

I am in charge of rigorously analyzing the patient's medical information and sharing it with the group of specialists at Clinica de Occidente in order to provide the international patient with medical treatments based on the highest scientific standards.

Head Nurse:

I am in charge of ensuring the scheduling of the patient's entire medical process, medical appointments, procedures, labs and imaging, in addition to providing lifestyle education, disease prevention, health promotion and the care plan for the safe discharge of the patient.

Logistic Coordinator

I am in charge of coordinating the entire logistic process of the international patient in order to guarantee an excellent experience, so I am dedicated to finding the best alternatives for hotels, transportation and food for the patient and his family.

Bilingual nursing assistants:

We provide constant accompaniment to the patient and patient`s family, we assist our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week any type of requirement in order to ensure patient satisfaction during their stay at Clinica de occidente

Logistic assistant:

I am in charge of hotel reservations, transportation scheduling and immigration process related to the international patient's stay in Colombia.

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